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I start with a draft
You have decided what you will write about, sketched out the introduction, thought through the arguments, outlined the conclusion in general terms. Now the hardest part begins - work on the text. It's work. To make it easier, start with a draft. It is important to use case study writers from in order to do this correctly. Look for the right words, try to express your thoughts, write, cross out and write again. But remember that you should end up with a complete connected text. The main mistake at this stage is to perceive the draft as a compressed summary of the essay. Then it turns out that you actually start building the text right in the workbook or (even worse) on the examination form. No, no and NO! If you think that you have not expressed your idea fully/beautifully/convincingly, correct it in the draft. Before the text is rewritten into a white copy, all the main words must be found, all the main ideas written down, all the answers to the questions given.